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Okay I had a very pretentious bio before this one so I’ve decided to write quirkier one.

This isn’t my first blog,I had a word press blog in 2014 that I do not remember the password to that will definitely resurface to embarrass me in the future.I then had another one on tumblr which was very dark and gritty,which I then turned into a poetry collection.

So who am I am? lets see I am a radio personality,a lifestyle blogger travel vlogger etc etc. This blog is mostly a note to myself that I feel like sharing with the world.I try to write as honestly as I can, yes even the post you read that made you cringe because Kanye West said to never apologize for your creative choices and that is definitely my mantra.

so thank you for stopping by,this a labor of my love.I appreciate feedback and do recommend to a friend.


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