Hang over chic: Queen B Health Bar

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First of all I want to live and die in the Queen B cosmetic shop. They have all the makeup, hair and skin care products you could dream of, the eye shadow section is to die! (Yes, I need to expand my vocabulary)

Ok this post is not about that, it’s about hangover chic and cure, so I never get hangovers because I stick to the same drink and I drink water before I sleep no matter what. But on Thursday I went for a glass of wine and catch up and a glass turned to 3 or 4 which was my mistake. Wine gives me a headache so I only drink a glass or two at most.

I got home at 2 am, woke up at 8:15 and somehow made it to my 9 am with the puffiest eyes you have ever seen curtesy of an emotional break down in the parking lot of Blues. By 12 I was feeling hungry but my tummy was still not feeling well (damn you off brand wine) so I crawled on into town and checked myself into the Queen B Health Bar

The Bar

So I was standing outside trying to push the door to get in but I was apparently too weak because it did not budge, the nice lady had to come and help me, I got in and took my sunglasses off to be polite(the light was really hurting my eyes), the bar is cute, you have the counter and then you have the wooden sitting area with tree furniture with magazines on the tables including one featuring Posh(what year is this?)

There is a menu of smoothies and another of health juices on the wall, they are jars of granola bars and honey, coconut milk and a lot of exotic teas and refreshers I cannot pronounce, I mean even the air in here smells organic and gluten free.

The smoothies

So after going through the menu I settle on a banana and mango smoothie, I really wasn’t going to try the extra ones with avocado, kiwi, granadilla et cetera considering how I was feeling. My hostess got to work making my smooth with the banana,mango,low fat yogurt and soy milk because yours truly is lactose intolerant and I wasn’t about to play those games.

My smoothie arrived in a typical slushy cup although branded of course, accompanied by a granola bar, it smelled so delicious and it was so creamy it was actually soothing, I’ve never in my life felt tension leave my body like that after a drink.

How to get there

Queen B Health Bar is in the building right next to crossroads mall inBlantyre, opposite Hong Kong restaurant, it has a sign outside and you wouldn’t miss it.

When to go

Monday to Saturday from 8-4, unfortunately for your hangovers they do not open on Sunday.

Why I loved it

It was so quiet which was a relief because every sound made my head split, I went alone because I wanted to sit alone with my thoughts and I did exactly that. My hostess was nice and polite enough not to make me feel uncomfortable about the fact that I was trying to take selfies with my drink, the bar is so clean, she handle the whole process with gloves and the smoothies were quiet affordable considering how upscale this place looks, it honestly lived up to my expectations.

Thanks for reading…..Xa

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