On New Friends

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The year I learnt small talk. And how to smile at strangers. The year I understood that I am my best when I reach out and ask ‘do you want to be my friend?

Warsan Shire

Making friends when you are an introvert is hard. But sometimes you find a tweep on your TL that you find both entertaining and inspiring. You take the leap, DM them and by god’s grace you actually click and fall into easy banter when you meet them in real life. Such was the case when I met Angasa Salome last Saturday at Jungle Pepper.

Let me tell you something-she is amazing. Like me she is a blogger, albeit begrudgingly. But she is so good at it. I am so envious of her humor, prose and her command of the English language (I am serious everything she writes is so poetic). She is killing it.

The reason I wanted to be friends with her is because she can relate to me. Being a creative without a sound support system is rough. Most of my friends are not creatives (maybe closeted) so I don’t get a lot of feedback from them. Most of the times I feel like I am talking to the void, and full disclosure it feels shitty.

But this Saturday I got wine drunk, vented, laughed and basked in sweet sweet validation. It felt amazing to be heard and seen.

Check out Angasa’s blog :

Here’s to new friends and finding my tribe.

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