Why You Should Read Sharp Objects: a Book Review

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1. Because someone is murdering little girls and pulling out their teeth and it isn’t who you think it is. Well now that I have your attention the girls aren’t toddlers more like pre-teens yes, horrible still. But what it incredible about this book is that it is barely about that, murder just becomes a back drop to what is an extraordinary story about unconventional womanhood. Please understand that it is a mystery thriller and I am trying so hard to not spoil it for you.

2. Because it was written by Gillian Flynn the author of Gone girl and that says it all.

3. It has been turned into a mini-series by HBO starring Amy Adams, so you know the source material is that solid, doesn’t mean you should watch the series before you read the book though.

4. Because it will confront you about your nasty self-destructive habits from your teen years in a very disturbing way i.e. self-harm, eating disorders,sex for attention, being a bully all of which hopefully you have outgrown.

5. Animal cruelty: next time before you eat your bacon think about this realistic paragraph from the book “Most sows are repeatedly inseminated, brood after brood till their bodies give way and go to slaughter But while they are still useful they are made to nurse strapped to their side. Legs apart nipples exposed. Pigs are extremely sociable creatures, and this forced assembly line intimacy makes them want to die…….the piglets in the stall were swarming over the sow like ants on a glob of jelly the nipples were fought over bouncing in and out of mouths……the sows eyes rolled up into her head……………. the sight of it actually does something to you, makes you less human. Like watching a rape and saying nothing”

Yikes are we sure this book was not partly commissioned by PETA? either way I love that it spoke on animal cruelty.

6. It is a book about women doing things that have nothing to do with men and I find that truly remarkable. None of them are motivated by men not even the serial murder is because of men. We need more books like this I Stan forever and ever.

7. This interesting commentary on women’s sexual choices written way before wokeness was a thing.

Camille “once an eight grade girl got drunk at a high school party and four or five guys on the football team had sex with her, kind of passed her around does that count…….
Richard “yeah it would count a bunch of punks raping a 13 year old is outright violence, yes...
Camille “so it’s the age that makes it rape?…if I got a little too drunk tonight, and was out of my head and had sex with four guys that would be rape?…I have a guy in my office-sensitive. When I got passed over for a promotion he suggested I sue the paper for discrimination. I wasn’t discriminated against, I was a mediocre reporter. And sometimes drunk women aren’t raped they just make stupid choices-and to say we deserve special treatment when we are drunk because we are women to say we need to be looked after I find offensive.”

I do not entirely agree with this because for instance the age when the protagonist engaged in this is quiet problematic, but as distasteful as it may seem, women sometimes engage in sexual acts outside the norm out of free will. Reminds me of women who are shamed for arranging threesomes with other women for their men, have you ever stopped to think maybe she might be into it too and it is not only about trying to please her man?

8. Aarrgh my brain cells ,I am out of steam so I guess I might as well tell you what this book is about: Camille Parker a Chicago based reporter returns home to Missouri to investigate the brutal murder of a local girl. She is a self-harmer from a family with a troubled ice queen mother, a dead sister and a living step sister she can’t stand. As the case begins to unravel Camille begins to discover that the source of the evil maybe a lot closer to home than she realizes.

There are vivid descriptions of self-harm, substance overdose and animal abuse in this novel, it is really not for the faint hearted. Gillian Flynn writes with so much gore and darkness that her work might not be for everyone, however if you do take the plunge, you are in for a trip like no other- icy, eye opening and unforgettable.

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Thanks for reading….Xa

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